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INRAD-FT-1000MP AGC IMPROVEMENT MODULE 385,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900284
Modul pro zlepšení vlastností AVC pro TCVRy Yaesu FT1000 MP. Nevhodný pro MARK-V!
AL-1200XCE 144,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900311
PA >1.5kW CW,RTTY(1.8kW PEP)/90Win;3CX1200A7;160-10m;230VAC Model
AL-572XCE 63,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900310
PA 1.3kW SSB PEP (1kW CW)/75Win; osazeno 4x 572B; 160-10m; 230VAC
AL-572XQ 72,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901167
PA 1.3kW SSB PEP (1kW CW)/75Win; 4x 572B; 160-10m; QSK; 230VAC
AL-80BXCE 55,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900306
PA >1kW SSB PEP(800W CW)/85Win; osazeno 3-500; 160-10m; 230VAC
AL-80BXQCE 65,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900307
PA >1kW SSB PEP(800W CW)/85Win; osaz. 3-500; QSK-5PC; 160-10m; 230VAC
COMPONENT TESTER HPS141 1316,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-0041
1 ks 1316,00 Kč
COMPONENT TEST OPTION FOR HANDHELD OSCILLOSCOPE - HPS140MK2, Connect this easy to use component tester to your handheld oscilloscope (HPS140MK2) and receive all useful information about resistors, transistors, diodes and more, including their pin out identification., Features, a single button test, a test indicator, auto shutdown, shows pin layout, handheld oscillopscope (HPS140MK2) needed (not included), only compatible with the HPS140MK2 (not included), battery included, component analyzer with automatic pin out identification, Specifications, dimensions: 23 x 96 x 15mm (W x L x H) (without cables), supported components: SCR, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS, resistor, coil, capacitor, diode, transistor, resistance resolution: 0.1Ohm (max 50 Ohm), capacitance range: 28pF to 100.000µF, inductance range: 0.01mH to 20H, standby current: 20nA, power supply: 12V battery GP23A (included), test current: approx. 20mA, test speed: 2 seconds
K8115 COMPONENT TESTER KIT 1664,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-485
1 ks 1664,00 Kč
STAVEBNICE COMPONENT TESTER KIT, Build your own component tester and receive all useful information about resistors, diodes and many more., Features:, supported components:, BJT, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS, resistors, coils, capacitors, diodes, auto shutdown, shows pin layout, Specifications:, dimensions: 137 x 60 x 30 (W x L x H), resistance resolution: 0.1 Ohm (max. 50 MOhm), capacitance range: 28 pF to 100 mF, inductance range: 0.01 mH to 20 H, standby current: 20 nA, power supply: 9 V battery, test current approx.: 20 mA, test speed: 2 seconds
VMA318 3 COLOUR RGB SMD LED MO.. 129,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-069
1 ks 129,00 Kč
ARDUINO COMPATIBLE 3 COLOUR RGB SMD LED MODULE (2 pcs), This module contains a 5050 RGB LED., Connect this module to the Arduino PWM outputs to generate a full range of colours., Warning! This module does not include current limiting resistors! Damage to the LEDs will occur if connected directly to 5 V., Specifications, power dissipation: R 60mW, G 95mW, B 95mW, peak forward current (0.1 ms pulse width): 100 mA for each colour, continuous forward current: 25 mA for each LED, max. reverse voltage: 5 V, operating temperature: -40 °C to 80 °C, dimensions: 28 x 15 x 5 mm, common: cathode (-), attention: current has to be limited by using resistors
VMA334 FORCE-SENSING RESISTOR .. 319,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-132
1 ks 319,00 Kč
FORCE-SENSING RESISTOR (FSR), This FSR (Force Sensing Resistor) will vary its resistance depending on how much pressure is being applied to the sensing area. A 2.54 mm male pinheader is provided making it easy to use on bread boards., Specifications, sensor type: single point, shape of sensitive area: round, diameter of sensitive area: 10 mm (+/- 1 mm ), total lenght: 39 mm, sensor thickness: 0.2 mm, material: polyester, range: 100 g to 1 kg, terminal: male pinheader step 2.54 mm, principle: piezoresistive, service life: > 500.000 times, operating temperature: -25°C to 90°C

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