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LED GOBO PROJECTOR - 7W HQLE10.. 1551,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-332
1 ks 1551,00 Kč
This projector creates beautiful effects both indoor and outdoor. The 7 watt LED projector has 360° rotation and the gobos can be switched very easily. High quality lens system for clear projections. Low power consumption., Features, high-resolution sharp gobo projector applicable for stores, coffee shops, hotels and various other places, 360° rotation, adjustable speed, projection distance between 1 and 15 m, high quality LED for long life, super bright effect and low power consumption, 8 mm high definition optical lens, 6 gobos included, Specifications, power supply: 12 VDC (adaptor incl.), power consumption: 10 W, LED source: 1 x 7 W white LED, colour temperature: 6500 K, luminous flux: 1200 lm, dimensions: 171.5 x 136 x 177 mm, weight: 0.7 kg
LED WATER LIGHT HQLE10028 859,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-327
1 ks 859,00 Kč
LED WATER LIGHT - 7 COLOUR 12 W (RGBW 4 in 1), A lightweight and durable design. Low heat and power consumption without gear noise. With a super bright LED projector. Can project several wave lights with three different motions speeds., Features, stand-alone, music controlled working mode with adjustable motion speed, easy installation, remote controller with colour and effect selection, Specifications, power supply: 5 VDC 1.2 A (adaptor incl.), power consumption: 12 W, light source: 4 x 3 W RGBW LED, control range :, dimensions: 117 x 91 x 51 mm, weight: 450 g
OUTDOOR LED GOBO PROJECTOR HQL.. 732,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-329
1 ks 732,00 Kč
Outdoor LED projector for exciting pattern decorations on your house. Easy and quick setup. Perfect decoration for a garden, external wall..., Features, outdoor design, perfect for creating a nice atmosphere in your garden or on any exterior surface, no more trouble unwrapping and hanging Christmas lights, the LED light can cover up to 12 square meter from a distance of 5 m, easy installation thanks to adjustable mounting stake, indoor stand base included, ABS housing, Specifications, power supply: 14 VDC 3.6 W (adaptor incl.), IP rating: IP44, projection distance: 10 - 15 m, LEDs: 1 x 4 W (RGBW), dimensions: 400 x 104 mm, weight: 750 g

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