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Arduino Projekt Starter Kit 1,00 Kč Skladem GME 772-258
Rozšířená naučná sada UNO R3, která je plně kompatib...
Arduino Nano starter kit 1,00 Kč Skladem GME 772-307
Kit pro výuku a hrátky s Arduino Nano. Součástí ...
Kit Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 1,00 Kč Skladem GME 772-308
Základní kit s Arduino MEGA 2560 R3. Součástí d...
Starter kit ELDUINO 1,00 Kč Skladem GME 772-259
Elektrotechnická stavebnice s nádherně ilustrovaným ...
Ultimate starter kit pro Arduino 2,00 Kč Skladem GME 772-257
Tento Arduino Starter Kit je určen pro Arduino pokro...
klon Arduino Mini, Atmega328P, 5V 159,00 Kč Skladem GME 775-071
Velice oblíbená deska určená pro pokročilejší uživat...
Arduino Beetle, ATMEGA32u4, USB 299,00 Kč Skladem GME 775-055
Asi nejmenší kontrolétrová deska s procesorem ATmega...
Vývojový kit Arduino Mega ADK 1,00 Kč Neznama GME 772-007
Arduino ADK je vývojová deska založená na ATmega2560...
NUCLILED 25 - DMX LED MATRIX P.. 9724,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-370
1 ks 9724,00 Kč
The NUCLILED 25 is perfect for lighting designers and will last a long time. With the MATRIX PIXEL effect, the NUCLILED 25 will really offer that spectacular strobe show your audience is looking for. Control the device in an easy way via 4 channels or the more professional 25 or 30 channel modes. Can also be used in sound-activated or master/slave modes., Features, ideal for clubs, bars, disco halls, small events..., 25 x 6 W zone LED matrix controllable, easy stand-alone mode with 25 pre-programmed effects, DMX 512 protocol, sound activated, auto and master/slave, operating in various modes to create different led strobe effects, DMX control:, 4 channels: dimmer, shutter, macros, macro speed, 25 channels: dimmer from 1 - 25, 30 channels: shutter, macros, macro speed, dimmer from 1 - 25, with a 4-button LED display for easy and fast control setting, the display turns off automatically within 5 seconds after operation, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, power consumption: 150 W, beam angle : 25°, field angle: 45°, dimensions: 367 x 391 x 102 mm, weight: 4 kg
VMA419 LARGE DOT MATRIX LED DI.. 782,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-103
1 ks 782,00 Kč
LARGE DOT MATRIX LED DISPLAY - WHITE LEDs, A large dot matrix LED panel to connect to your PI, Arduino and more! This large, bright 512 LED matrix panel has on-board controller circuitry designed to make it easy to use straight from your board. Clocks, status displays, graphics readouts and all kinds of impressive display projects are easy to create using this display., Features, 32 x 16 high brightness white LEDs (512 LEDs total) on a 10 mm pitch, 5 V operation (max. 4 A), viewable over 12 metres away, tough plastic frame, controller ICs on board, simple clocked data interface, Arduino compatible library, graphics functions and example support, Specifications, dimensions: 320 x 160 x 14 mm (including rear connector)
VMA439 RGB DOT MATRIX BOARD & .. 1048,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5505-119
1 ks 1048,00 Kč
RGB DOT MATRIX BOARD & DRIVER BOARD BASED ON ATMEGA328, This Arduino based (ATmega328P) RGB LED matrix driver platform based gains three 8+6-bit channels of hardware PWM control thanks to its LED driver. Its design allows you to easily change or write firmware using the Arduino IDE., Features, 8 bits colours support with 6 bits correction for each colour in every dots, hardware 16 MHz PWM support, without any external circuits, play and shine, dedicated GPIO and ADC interface, hardware UART and IIC communication with easy cascading, 24 constant current channels of 100 mA each, 8 super source driver channels of 500 mA each, driver board is based on ATMEGA328 and works with IDE, Specifications, module dimensions: 60 x 60 x 16 mm, microprocessor: Atmega328P, indicator: PWR state, power supply: 5 to 7.5 VDC, cascade power connector: terminal blocks, program interface: UART/ISP (VMA440), expansion socket: 100 mil bended pin header pair, communication protocols: UART/IIC, current consumption (except LED matrix): max. 40 mA, drive current (every channel): max. 500 mA, drive current ( every dot): max. 58 mA, circuit response time: 10 ns, RGB LED matrix colour resolution per dot: 16 M, UART baud rate: 9600 - 115200

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