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COMPONENT TESTER HPS141 1316,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-0041
1 ks 1316,00 Kč
COMPONENT TEST OPTION FOR HANDHELD OSCILLOSCOPE - HPS140MK2, Connect this easy to use component tester to your handheld oscilloscope (HPS140MK2) and receive all useful information about resistors, transistors, diodes and more, including their pin out identification., Features, a single button test, a test indicator, auto shutdown, shows pin layout, handheld oscillopscope (HPS140MK2) needed (not included), only compatible with the HPS140MK2 (not included), battery included, component analyzer with automatic pin out identification, Specifications, dimensions: 23 x 96 x 15mm (W x L x H) (without cables), supported components: SCR, JFET, E-IGBT, D-IGBT, E-MOS, D-MOS, resistor, coil, capacitor, diode, transistor, resistance resolution: 0.1Ohm (max 50 Ohm), capacitance range: 28pF to 100.000µF, inductance range: 0.01mH to 20H, standby current: 20nA, power supply: 12V battery GP23A (included), test current: approx. 20mA, test speed: 2 seconds
KABEL TESTER VTTEST11 1337,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-8405
1 ks 1337,00 Kč
DETEKTOR KABELŮ S TÓNOVÝM GENERÁTOREM, Features, network tester: consists of a tone generator and a probe, method: use the tone generator and the probe to determine where a cable is going and whether or not (and where) the cable is interrupted, signal viewing in 3 modes: lamp (L), speaker (SP) or both (S&L), tone generator output (square waveform): single (900 Hz) or dual (900 - 1000 Hz), comes with: soft carrying bag, Specifications, tone generator:, working voltage: DC 9 V ± 15 % (battery not incl.), working current: 10 mA (intermittent tone) / 20 mA (continuous tone), output wave form: square wave signals ± 10 Vpp, single audio frequency: ± 900 Hz, dual audio frequency: ± 900 Hz - 1000 Hz, dimensions: 115 x 62 x 27 mm, weight: 95 g, probe:, working voltage: DC 9 V ± 15% (battery not incl.), working current: 25 mA (L) / 80 mA (max. SP volume) / 100 mA (max S&L volume), max. reception sensitivity: > 30 mV, maximum output volume: ± 120 dB, dimensions: 205 x 40 x 38 mm, weight: ± 80 g
TESTER AUTOAKUMULÁTORŮ 12V ABA.. 1678,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-5815
1 ks 1678,00 Kč
This battery analyser is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method. Unlike the conventional method of draining the battery by applying resistance load to it and obtain the result from the meter gauge, this analyser uses a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and observes the AC current that flows in response to it., Features, the device uses a test signal pattern to test and monitor battery cells, never discharges or drains the battery, maintenance free, no internal batteries required, simple and easy to use, test batteries on and off your vehicle, accurate results in milliseconds, battery life analysis, large, easy to read LCD display, test results based on JIS, EN, DIN, SAE and IEC standards, Specifications, system voltage: 12 V, input voltage range: 9 V - 15 V, testing range: 100 - 1700 CCA, 100 - 1000 DIN, 100 - 1000 IEC, 100 - 1700 EN, (max. 170A), test results: Good or Replace, display: LCD 2-line display, operating temperature: 0 to 50°C, storage temperature: -20 to +70°C, cable length: 110 cm, weight: 240 g, https://youtu.be/4ODD20NGu7k

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