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Sklad Obchod Sklad.č. Detail dostupnost Slevy
KRYT CAN 9 LS 16,00 Kč Skladem GME 801-191
Kryt pro konektor CANON 9, včetně šroubků. Pro uchy...
KRYT CAN 9 LS 90° 79,00 Kč Skladem GME 801-044
Kryt pro konektor CANON 9 ,pro ruční šroubování
Redukce USB 2.0-RS232K 349,00 Kč Skladem GES 06915002
Redukce USB 2.0 / RS232 (D-SUB M09)
USB 2.0-RS232 359,00 Kč Skladem GES 06914523
Redukce USB 2.0 / RS232 (D-SUB M09)
INRAD-TS950S, TS950SD, TS950SDX KENWOOD 73,0500MHZ ROOFING FILTER 7,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08902085
INRAD Roofing filtr (modul) 73,0500MHz pro hlavní RX TS950S,TS950SD,TS950SDX Kenwood
INRAD-TS930 KENWOOD 44.930MHZ ROOFING FILTR 6,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08902086
INRAD Roofing filtr (modul) 44,9300MHz pro hlavní RX TS930 Kenwood
MFJ-299 Stolní exkluzivní mikrofonní konzole s ekvalizérem 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900631
Deluxe Desk Top Microphone/EQ
MFJ-969 Anténní tuner - roller, 300W, 160m - 6m 7,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901033
MFJ-989D 1500 Watt Anténní tuner - roller, 160-10m 14,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901040
1500 Watt Anténní tuner 1.8 až 30 MHz
MFJ-4225MV Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/25Amax/22Atrv.; Nemá CE certifikaci 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900716
Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/25Amax/22Atrv.; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU
MFJ-4245MV Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/45Amax/40Atrvale; Nemá CE certifikaci 5,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900719
Spínaný zdroj 85-135/170-260VAC, 9-15VDC/45Amax/40Atrvale; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU.
ALS-500MXCE 36,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900303
Polovodičový PA 500Wout (70Win); 13.6VDC / 80A; 4kg; 9,5x22,9x39,4cm; 160-10m
ALS-500MRXCE 37,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901827
Polovodičový PA 500Wout (70Win); 13.6VDC/80A; 9,5x22,9x39,4cm; 160-10m+dálk.ovládání
AL-1200XCE 144,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900311
PA >1.5kW CW,RTTY(1.8kW PEP)/90Win;3CX1200A7;160-10m;230VAC Model
AL-80BXCE 55,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900306
PA >1kW SSB PEP(800W CW)/85Win; osazeno 3-500; 160-10m; 230VAC
AL-80BXQCE 65,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900307
PA >1kW SSB PEP(800W CW)/85Win; osaz. 3-500; QSK-5PC; 160-10m; 230VAC
MFJ-1129 MULTI SVORKOVNICE 3,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900347
Rozvaděčová De-Luxe multisvorkovnice 12-24VDC, 10výstupů 40Amax., V-metr 0-25V
INRAD-801 FRONT END FILTER 40M 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08900190
INRAD Filtr vstupní 6 pólů, 7007.5kHz, 15kHz/-1dB, 32kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-807 FRONT END FILTER 160M 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901960
INRAD Filtr vstupní 4 póly, 1822.5kHz, 5kHz/-1dB, 23kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-808 FRONT END FILTER 80M 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901961
INRAD Filtr vstupní 4 póly, 3505.0kHz, 10kHz/-1dB, 50kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-804 FRONT END FILTER 20M RTTY 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901962
INRAD Filtr vstupní 6 pólů, 14080.0kHz, 20kHz/-1dB, 45kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-805 FRONT END FILTER 15M 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901963
INRAD Filtr vstupní 6 pólů, 21010.0kHz, 20kHz/-1dB, 45kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-803 FRONT END FILTER 10M 4,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901964
INRAD Filtr vstupní 6 pólů, 28025.0kHz, 50kHz/-1dB, 120kHz/-60dB, 50Ohm.,
INRAD-IC765 ICOM 69.0115MHZ ROOFING FILTR 6,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901845
INRAD Roofing filtr 69.0115MHz/ 6pólů + zesilovač s vysokou dynamikou, pro IC765 Icom
INRAD-IC775 ICOM 69.0115MHZ ROOFING FILTR 6,00 Kč Nejsou GES 08901846
INRAD Roofing filtr 69.0115MHz/ 6pólů + zesilovač s vysokou dynamikou, pro IC775 Icom
BENCHER - exkluzivní značková jambická dvoupádlová pastička, černý chrom
COMPACT 121 MINI LED PAR 9x 1W.. 801,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-339
1 ks 801,00 Kč
The COMPACT 121 is one of the most popular LED pars on the market. The LEDs provide an excellent colour intensity and are very bright with a power of 1 W so the device can be used for various. Easy control via the display on the back of the unit., Features, very compact and lightweight mini par, 8 DMX modes with master, slave & stand-alone function, 4 button LED display for easy configuration, DMX controlled via 8 channels: macros, colour, speed, dimming, red, green, blue, white, Specifications, power supply: 12 VDC 1500 mA (adaptor incl.), power consumption: 15 W, colour: black, light source: 12 x 1 W (3 x R, 3 x G, 3 x B, 3 x W), beam angle: 25°, dimensions: 120 x 120 x 90 mm (without bracket), weight: 0.3 kg
DETEKTOR KOVŮ CS990XD PROFI 13058,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5201-8611
1 ks 13058,00 Kč
PROFESSIONAL METAL DETECTOR (CS990XD), The professional starter., Features, the user loses little time digging up rubbish thanks to the excellent discrimination function, user-friendly ground exclusion system makes it easy to pinpoint targets at great depth, even in difficult ground conditions, new lightweight stem - perfectly balanced NEW Isocon 8 palců search coil, 2 separate detector settings are available:, inland detection: factory setting ignores mineralised inland ground and responds to all metals, beach detection: when combing the beach you can use this setting to exclude the salty wet sand, enabling the device to detect iron, detection indication: by the loudspeaker sounding off and by the meter needle moving, new discrimination mode: dual tone audio discrimination, controls: level control with on/off switch and tune control, selectors: inland/beach and meter disc/none/meter + audio disc, remark: only availaible with English manual, Specifications, power supply: 8 x 1.5V AA batteries (not incl.)
1 ks 5164,00 Kč
3 MEGAPIXEL HDMI DIGITÁLNÍ MIKROSKOP, Features, ideal for checking PCBs, plants, insects, rocks, minerals..., adjustable focus and magnification, white LEDs with adjustable intensity, 2 operation modes, HDMI monitor: via HDMI output. Video can be recorded on micro SD card (up to 32GB)., computer: via USB connector. Video can be recorded on the computer, contains, microscope, stand, USB cable, HDMI cable, calibration ruler, CD-rom with PC software, Specifications, image sensor: 3 megapixel (true resolution), input interface: USB 2.0, magnification rate: 10 - 200 x, live video to monitor: 1920 x 1080 pixels, white balance: automatic, focus range: manual focus from 0 to 35 mm, iris aperture: AES, White LEDs: 6 LEDs (adjustable by control wheel), picture format: JPEG/BMP, video format: AVI, resolution:, photos: 14M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, WVGA (on HDMI monitor only), video captures: 1280 x 720 (720P), 640 x 480 (VGA) / on PC, power supply: 5 VDC via USB, system requirements: Windows® XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10, Mac® OS 10.7 or higher, dimensions:, microscope: 154 mm x průměr 42 mm, stand: 170 x 120 x 12 mm, weight: 595 g
EDU10 - USB PIC PROGRAMÁTOR 2058,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-410
1 ks 2058,00 Kč
Stavebnice USB PIC PROGRAMMER AND TUTOR BOARD, Stavebnici dodáváme pouze na objednávku, návod pouze v Anglickém jazyce, Want to set the first steps into Microchip PIC programming?, This board is all you need!, The tutor can help to get you started into the magic world of PIC programming., Later it can also be used for more advanced programming., Use the free tools from Microchip, the PICKit2 programmer tool and the MPLAP IDE environment., Features, PICKit2 compatible programmer, includes: PIC16F882, tutor sample programs in C and Assembler can be downloaded:, button input reading, LED on/off, LED blinking, buzzer and display driving, LED brightness, analog value reading, read up to 4 push buttons for digital in simulation, light up to 4 LEDs for digital out simulation, read the value of a potentiometer (analog value), read the value of a temperature dependent resistor (NTC), read the value of a light dependent resistor (LDR), dim a white LED using PWM signal, learn how to drive a LED digit, learn how to drive a buzzer, Specifications, experiment module can be powered via USB, power output to target is supported, indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode, dimensions:, programming and learning module: 90 x 74 mm, programmer only: 34 x 74 mm, Extras, The boards can easily be separated, for independent programmer use., An external supply connector for the tutor board is provided., All PIC micro controllers that are programmable using the Microchip PICKIT2 programmer, can also be programmed using the EDU10. You can find the list in the MPLAB software package.
K1200 VELLEMAN WATCH 989,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-481
1 ks 989,00 Kč
STAVEBNICE HODINKY VELLEMAN, Isnt it about time you made your own electronic watch!?, Make a statement with this neat looking DIY, Arduino compatible watch that fits everyones wrist. The watch is equipped with 24 amber coloured LEDs that are bright enough to be clearly visible in broad daylight!, The most difficult SMD components are pre-soldered but the rest of the soldering fun is up to you., The watch is Arduino based and pre-programmed with an addictive reflex game and of course with a basic time view. These functions are triggered by pressing the single multipurpose button and is displayed by using the LEDs. Then again, you can easily re-program it to your liking by using the custom cradle (K1201) or a USB to UART module., Dont worry about the programming difficulty because you can base your own code on the open-source Arduino library. So feel free to experiment with different time views or invent your own game!, The watch comes with a stylish black fabric woven wrist band and closes by means of a silver coloured buckle. Also, the watch only has a diameter of 35 mm and a height of 9.6 mm so its ideal for both large and small wrists!, If you do not become overly addicted to the reflex game, the battery should last around 2 years. But remember, time flies when youre having fun!, Features:, Arduino based, 24 amber coloured LEDs that are bright enough to be visible in broad daylight, single multipurpose button, black wristband included, pre-programmed reflex game and time view, easily re-programmable (by using the K1201: PROGRAMMING CRADLE FOR VELLEMAN WATCH or a USB to UART module), Arduino library available, open-source, Specifications:, CPU: ATMega328p, RTC: PCF8523TS, stand-by current consumption: 2 µA, battery: CR2032 (not incl.), battery life: 2 years (normal use), diameter: 35 mm, wrist band width: 18 mm, wrist band material: synthetic black fabric, wrist band closing: steel buckle, height: 9.6 mm
K8019 - PROXIMITY CARD READER .. 1058,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-411
1 ks 1058,00 Kč
Stavebnice PROXIMITY CARD READER WITH USB INTERFACE, Features, store up to 250 tags, with USB interface for config-management, free tag management application for PC, fully documented protocol, write your own application, tags can also be entered using a mastercard, toggle or pulse NO/NC relay output, adjustable pulse time: 1s to 4 min. approx., 3 status leds and buzzer, two tags supplied (card-type), works standalone, optional:, access card: HAA2866/TAG, access badge (keyhanger): HAA2866/TAG2, Specifications, EM4100 compatible, relay contact: 3A/24VDC, power supply: 12VDC or 5VDC (USB)*, power consumption: 100mA max., dimensions: 69x80x47mm, Extras, *Only for confguration and tag learning. Relay will not operate.
K8072 - DMX-CONTROLLED RELAY S.. 741,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-414
1 ks 741,00 Kč
Stavebnice DMX-CONTROLLED RELAY SWITCH, This Kit allows you to control a relay by means of the well-known DMX512 protocol. This protocol was developed by USITT in 1986 to control dimmers, scanners, moving-head spots and other lighting devices with a simple wiring., In some cases, a simple ON/OFF selection is desired. This is where this K8072 comes in. It is actually a bus-controlled power driver. The relay will be activated when the DMX value of the set channel equals 140 or more and turns off when the value is 120 or less., Together with our K8062/VM116, a computer-controlled automation will be very easy to build., Features, system addresses: 512 unique addresses, DIP switch settable, LED indication for power supply, relay output status and error situation, Safe DMX data stream - mode reducing interference to a minimum, Relay hold - function in case of DMX signal loss, control: DMX-512, 3-pin XLR plug (incl.), also available as completely mounted module VM138, Specifications, switching capacity: 8A, supply voltage: 12VDC non-regulated, power consumption: max. 100mA, dimensions: 105 x 60 x 30mm
K8093 - REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME.. 881,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-421
1 ks 881,00 Kč
Stavebnice REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME ALARM, Attention : remote control not included!, Features, can store up to 4 remote controls (FIFO), chime function, built-in pre-alarm, always armed after power outage, the built-in relay can switch a siren (not included) (3 A 125 VAC) after 20 s pre-alarm, arm time:, slow with indication: if the door is open or closed (time to leave the room), quickly, magnetic door contact included, compatible remotes: not included, VM130T: 2-channel RF remote control transmitter, VM166T: 2-channel transmitter with LED light, Specifications, power supply: 12V DC, consumption:, armed: 20 mA, alarm relay powered: 50 mA, relay: 3 A - 125 VAC, frequency: 433.92 MHz, 32-bit code technology, more than unique codes, code can easily be changed for safety purposes, transmitter: R&TTE compliant (ETS 300-220) *, open field range of up to 30 m possible, external antenna wire, receiver dimensions: 108 x 102 x 45 mm
K8094 - Extended record / play.. 942,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-422
1 ks 942,00 Kč
Stavebnice Extended record / playback module, The K8094 allows you to record and play messages of up to 8 minutes long., Recording speed is continuously adjustable so that you can choose a perfect compromise between duration and sound quality. It also allows you to generate funny sound effects. Messages are retained in memory at power loss. The unit comes complete with microphone, line level in- and output and an output for a small speaker. Applications: Play messages in musea, stores, interactive installations, scale models, toys, as doorbell, gadget, etc…, Features, record duration:, standard quality: 8 minutes, high quality: 2 minutes 40s., built-in microphone, line level in- and output, pushbutton control (suited for open collector control), Specifications, power supply: 9...12VDC, consumption:, idle:, playback: 100mA max., speaker output: 500mW (8 ohm - 10% THD), adjustable sample speed: 4...12KHz, memory write up to: 100.000 recordings, operating temp. range: 0..50°C / 32...122°F, dimensions (WxDxH): 110x75x25mm
K8800 VERTEX DELTA 3D PRINTER 23046,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5503-488
1 ks 23046,00 Kč
Stavebnice VERTEX DELTA 3D PRINTER, The Vertex Delta is an all-round and reliable 3D printer designed to print refined objects to complete your projects., Aside from the excellent print quality and user-friendliness, the Vertex Delta also comes with a lot of innovative perks to make your 3D printing experience more engaging and pleasant. Advanced safety features, a filament run out detector, a mid print filament replacement function and automatic calibration and bed compensation are only a few of the latest technological additions., This Vertex comes as a hybrid kit which means that after a straightforward and quick assembly, your Delta 3D printer is ready to serve you. And dont worry about a precise build, because this device will take care of all necessary procedures to ensure a perfect first print., Choose for reliability and for making quality 3D projects, choose Vertex and make it happen!, Go to vertex3dprinter.eu and find out more!, Specifications:, Printing:, print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF - FDM), layer resolution: standard 0.1 mm (maximum: 0.2 mm - minimum: 0.05 mm), large build volume: 200 mm build platform diameter (0/- 5 mm), 225 mm build height (0/+75 mm) (depends on object diameter), print speed: 20-50 mm/s (can go up to 75 mm/s), travel speed: 180-200 mm/s, build plate surface: removable layer of K8800-BT: BUILDTAK 3D PRINT BED SURFACE FOR VERTEX DELTA (K8800) - průměr 210 mm (K8800-BT), filament diameter: 1.75 mm (accepts all filament spools with a mounting hole = 53 mm) - open filament policy, prints: PLA, ABS, TPU, PET and others, nozzle: E3D compatible, nozzle diameter: 0.35 mm (one nozzle supplied), maximum nozzle operating temperature: 295°C, bed compensation: automatic bed compensation performed by the nozzle (no manual calibration needed), calibration: automatic first-time set-up calibration, couplers: backlash free magnetic effector-couplers, advanced safety features: auto shutdown when print head detaches or temperature is incorrect (most unlikely), filament run out detector: automatic pause and reload when printer runs out of filament, change filament function while printing: this means that you can print objects with multiple filaments/colours, effective pause function: pause your print job without nozzle leakage, end stops: infrared based end stops, Software:, firmware: modified Open Source Marlin 3D Printer, firmware is user upgradable, software: custom Repetier version (Windows) - Cura profiles (Mac), Hardware:, dimensions: W 35 x D 35 x H 77 cm (without filament spool), frame: rigid aluminium extrusion risers and 4 mm aluminium top and bottom plates for a sturdy frame and precision ground 100 mm vertical rods and brass bushings, fully Open-Source (hard- and software), weight: 10 kg, ambient operating temperature: max. 30°C, storage temperature: -10°C to +50°C, hybrid kit: quick and straightforward build, no soldering required, Electrical:, communication: SD card or USB 2.0 (automatic SD card recognition), controller board: AVR ATmega2560 based, AC input: 100 - 240 VAC 50-60 Hz 90 W max., display: 128 x 64 px graphic display with blue backlight, Extras:, All specifications and features are subject to change., https://youtu.be/FtF3quCa2Uo, />
KAMERA KUKÁTKO SE ZÁZNAMEM CAM.. 2011,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5501-9703
1 ks 2011,00 Kč
CAMERA PEEPHOLE VIEWER, This camera peephole viewer replaces the original peephole lens. The LCD monitor gives you a good view on the person standing at the door. You can also take a picture or even record a video. The installation is very easy and the camera fits into the original peephole., Features, photo and video recording, energy saving mode, easy installation, discreet: camera looks like peephole, bright 2.8" TFT LCD, video/photo browsing via calendar function, recording on microSD-card (max. 32 GB, not incl.), Specifications, monitor: 2.8" TFT LCD, viewing angle: 75°, door dimensions:, drill hole range: 13 - 28 mm, door thickness range: 35 - 105 mm, monitor dimensions: 135 x 75 x 17 mm, camera dimensions: průměr 30 x 7 mm, power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries (not incl.), weight: 180 g
LED PAR 64 RGBW 18 x 4 W - BLA.. 3782,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-352
1 ks 3782,00 Kč
The multi-chip LEDs in this PAR 64 provide new colour mixing possibilities in all ranges of visible light. The device is equipped with 18 high-power RGBW 4-in-1 quad colour LEDs. All features can be easily accessed from the display on the back of the spotlight., Features, traditional PAR 64 housing with sound-activated and automated programs or via DMX for custom programming, sound activation via built-in microphone (adjustable microphone sensitivity), RGBW LEDs for a complete set of colour effects, flash rate: 0-20 Hz, DMX controlled via max. 8 channels, 2 channels: dimmer, colour, 3 channels: red, green, blue, 4 channels: red, green, blue, white, 4 channels (2): dimmer, shutter, colour, macros, 8 channels: dimmer, shutter, red, green, blue, white, colour, macros, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, power consumption: 24 W, beam angle: 25°, colour: black, light source: 18 x 4 W RGBW, dimensions: 296 x 220 x 322 mm, weight: 2.1 kg

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