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Obrázek Název Cena
Sklad Obchod Sklad.č. Detail dostupnost Slevy
LM211P 36,00 Kč Skladem GES 05014134
OP-IC komparátor +/-18V,série 111, -40...+85°C DIP8
Baterie do notebooku Baterie T6 power FMVNBP119, FMVNBP128, FPCBP107, FPCBP118AP 1,00 Kč Nejsou GES 07603986
Baterie pro notebooky Fujitsu Siemens Typ: Li-ion Kapacita: 5200 mAh131.1x79.4x20.2 - vxšx
Baterie do notebooku Baterie T6 power FPCBP177, FPCBP177A, FPCBP177AP, FPCBP179 1,00 Kč Nejsou GES 07604003
Baterie pro notebooky Fujitsu Siemens Typ: Li-ion Kapacita: 5200 mAh269.7x51x20.7 - vxšxd
Baterie do notebooku Baterie T6 power B404, PA2487, PA2487U, PA2487UR, PA2487URG, PA2487UR-G, PA2487UG, PA2487URN, PA3107 1,00 Kč Nejsou GES 07604253
Baterie pro notebooky Toshiba Typ: Li-ion Kapacita: 4500 mAh174.9x70.3x18.6 - vxšxd (mm)
BOX PLASTOVÝ TG1211 141,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5210-2725
1 ks 141,00 Kč
TAYG - STORAGE CASE - 290 x 195 x 54 mm - 11 COMPARTMENTS
FREELED 33B - 3x10W RGBW - DMX.. 8405,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 6000-385
1 ks 8405,00 Kč
The FREELED 33B is a portable, battery-powered projector designed as an effect uplighter for all kind of special events. It is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in Wifi module for cable-free operation. The battery has an autonomy of 12 hours in colour-change mode and up to 8 hours in full output, while the charging time is only 4.5 hours. The light output has three independent lenses, each equipped with 10 W RGBW/FullColor LEDs, which project dynamic coloured beam effects. The LED unit is independent from the base and the tilt is adjustable at +/- 105°, granting a full mounting and focus flexibility, also through the fixing screw on the base. The FREELED 33B allows you to create all kind of different position effects. Transmission of the DMX signal is available through Wifi technology., Features, 3 energy-saving 10 W RGBW LEDs featuring smooth colours and lower power consumption compared to traditional lamps, 105° tilt adjustment, DMX-controlled from basic to advanced modes, 4-channel mode: RGBW, 9-channel mode: RGBW, macro, strobe, auto dimmer, dimmer curve, flicker-free operation (400 Hz), with IR controller, remote-controlled infra-red sensor, WDMX, built-in Wifi receiver, LCD display for easy menu settings, white colour adjustable from 3200 K to 10000 K, Specifications, power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, charging time: ± 5 h, autonomy:, full mode: ± 8 h, single colour mode: ± 20 h, power consumption: 39 W, IP rate: IP44, LEDs: 3 x 10 W RGBW, field angle: 105° (tilt adjustment), dimensions: 273 x 211 x 80 mm, weight: 3 kg
NABÍJEČKA PRO OLOVĚNÉ AKU 6-12.. 1018,00 Kč Nejsou PSE 5501-3696
1 ks 1018,00 Kč
Inteligentní nabíječka pro olověné gelové, kyselinové a LiFePO4 akumulátory 6V a 12V / 3.8A (autobaterie aj.), AC38 is a 6 V / 12 V dual function charger for charging LiFePO4 and Lead Acid (Wet, MF, VRLA, AGM & GEL) batteries for different vehicles. The intelligent design protects the charger and battery even if users have chosen the wrong battery type. With its automatic switch-mode charger, users can simply retain their batteries to the original level, recover slightly sulfated batteries and increase battery life., Features:, protections:, short circuit, overload, wrong polarity, reverse battery, safety timer, with LED indication, Specifications:, rated input voltage: 220-240 VAC, frequency: 50 Hz, rated current: 0,6A, rated output current: 3.8 A, IP rating: IP65, dimensions: 211.3 x 84.4 x 49 mm, weight: 775 g, charging voltage:, lead acid: 7.3 / 14.4 VDC, cold/AGM: 7.4 / 14.7 VDC, LiFePO4: 12.8 V / 4 cells, charging current: 6 V / 12 V / LiFePO4, small: 0.9 A, normal: 3.8 A

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